• Ayesha is the only natural born child of the Malhotra Family.
  • Ayesha revealed she has a huge crush on Rodney Kapoor.
  • Ayesha is the only Malhotra child to not appear in every episode.
  • In the future, she discovers time travel and has her face carved to replace the Statue of Liberty.
  • She and Tia were upset - even crying, when Jassie and Lucky broke up, showing she is a strong Lassie shipper.
  • She is dating with Malini's brother.
  • She and Jassie are very close to each other.
  • She likes to spend most of the doing internet.
  • She has a Tab.
  • Ayesha understand Sri Premchand's love plastic dinosaur and helped Subu and Rocky to the Dinosaur from the park.
  • She is a fashion chick.
  • She told Tony about Garima Pandey on Facebook.
  • Her Tablet's wallpaper is Rodney Kapoor.
  • Her Tablet's Screensaver is Rodney Kapoor.
  • Her Facebook password is "Rodney Kapoor".