• Although his crush on Jassie started in Mumbai , New Nanny, they didn't actually spend time together until, Using Karma.
  • He first appeared in Mumbai , New Nanny.
  • He plays the whistle.
  • It is possible that he and Rocky are enemies, considering that they both hit on Jassie.
  • It is known that he can hot wire a car with a paper clip and a penny, since his dad taught him to.
  • His grandma is in the state penetentary.
  • It is possible that he wears boxers.
  • He's allergic to wool.
  • He's of Italian desent, and comes from a big family.He can also speak atleast a little Italian.
  • He had four first dates with Jassie.
  • He and Jassie break up.
  • Lucky's family have a history, of proposing in their family restaurant.