Rahul Malhotra is the father of the 4 malhotra kids on Oye Jassie, known as Ayesha,Rocky,Subbu and Tia . He is also the husband to Riesha Malhotra.

Rahul Malhotra
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Character Infomation
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 36
Hair color: Black
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mumbai
Family & friends
Married: Riesha Malhotra
Children: Ayesha Malhotra
Rocky Malhotra
Subbu Malhotra
Tia Malhotra
Talent & personality
Background infomation


In Mumbai , New Nanny, he met the children's New Nanny. He also made Ayesha upset when he told her he couldn't make it to her science fair.Jassie even flew to his set to tell him that, and why he had to hire so many nannies. She is fired by him and Riesha. He rehired her in the end of the episode when he realized she was right. He might favor Tia.

In Christmas Special, he and his wife get caught in a snowstorm, but they make it home in time for Christmas.