Sri Premchand the Talented is the 3rd episode of the first season of Oye Jassie.


Jassie has a horrible nightmare about a giant version of Sri Premchand, the pet lizard, attacking her. She wakes up to find it was just a dream, until she discovers the real  Sri Premchand in her bed. subbu defends him, saying that he gets bored locked in his cage all day and that he is a cuddler.

Ayesha needs help from Jassie because she loves her photography class, but is partnered with her lazy brother, Rocky on their next project. “You call it lazy - I call it selective participation,“ he tells her.

Jassie has an idea that will help everyone. She brings the kids to the park so they can work on their project. The big problem is getting out before Mrs. Raheja, the scary Head of the Condo Board who is creepily attached to her little dog Pluto, sees Premchand. The kids manage to do it with the help of Lucky, the young doorman.

On their way back from the park, Mrs. Raheja asks Lucky who is avoiding her, but he keeps it a secret and sarcastically tells her that everyone is avoiding her, but she sees Jessie, the kids, and Mr. Kipling in the lobby and gets sent into a panic at the sight of lizard, and stands on top of a table, obviously not wanting to be eaten by Mr. Kipling, and asks if they have a “vicious cold blooded reptile” in the building to which Tia replies "Why not? You live here". Subbu doesn't want Mrs. Raheja to take Sri Premchand away.

Zuri is also having a problem with a new invisible friend named Genevieve who pushes her and rips the heads off of her dolls. Jessie gives her the advice to “kill her with kindness,” which is exactly what she plans to do with Mrs. Chesterfield. She brings her "I’m-sorry-you-almost-got-eaten-by-a-giant-lizard-but-please-let-him-stay-cause-it-would-mean-so-much-to-a-little-boy" cookies, better known as Pecan Sandies. Mrs. Chesterfield bites into a pecan shell and breaks her tooth. She blames Jessie and calls Animal Control to take Mr. Kipling away.

Tia and Jassie try to sneak sri Premchand out of the building with Lucky’s help before the Animal Control men arrive, but then they lose him in the lobby.

The hawk almost attacks Mrs. Raheja’s dog, and Sri premchand saves the dog with a flick of his tail ayesha and rocky get a picture of it which results in an A+ on their project. She allows him to stay in the apartment complex when she realizes how hard it would be to live without her own pet.


  • Tara Sutaria as Jassie
  • Diya Chalwad as Tia Malhotra
  • Ahsaas Channa as Ayesha Malhotra 
  • Mohit Bagri as Rocky Malhotra
  • Ved Tarde as Subbu Malhotra
  • Kenny Desai as Tony   
  • Harsh Vashisht as Rahul Malhotra
  • Simple Kaur as Riesha Malhotra
  • Devansh Doshi as Lucky.