• Tia was brought home in August.
  • Tia enjoys listening to country music.
  • She is very sassy.
  • Tia claims to be her mom's favorite child.
  • It is shown that Tia is good at writing songs.
  • She is shown to have skirts for different occasions,like Stuart, as shown when she wants to get her tattling skirt.
  • She is currently 8 years old.
  • She had an imaginary friend named Milly the Mermaid that 'died' when she was stabbed by a swordfish.
  • She owns many stuffed animals including two stuffed unicorns, a pink one and a purple one, a stuffed bear named Chubby the Bear (Identified as being a black bear only available from a shop in Whistler, British Columbia and was only available during the 2010 Winter Olympics), a white stuffed cat named Whiskers who she thinks is a 'control freak', a white stuffed dog named Mittens, a stuffed cow named Hugh Heffer, a stuffed giraffe, a stuffed panda, a pink stuffed octopus, a white stuffed bear, a stuffed penguin, a brown stuffed monkey, a big purple stuffed dog, two stuffed dragons (a navy blue one and an olive green one), a brown stuffed spider, and a black and white dog.
  • Her favorite stuffed animal is Chubby The Bear.
  • She ships Lussie and helped them become a couple.
  • She loves brownies.
  • Her teacher thinks that she has a bad attitude.
  • She loves not asking permission to do things
  • She loves not brushing her teeth.
  • According to almost all the episodes she appears in, puberty is her number one pet peeve.
  • She like Power Ponies.