Tony is the Malhotra family's butler. He is disinclined to work and quite sarcastic. He is shown actually doing work, however, only when the Malhotra parents are visiting.For some unknown reason, Tony does not seem to show that he wants to be fired.

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Character Infomation
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 50
Hair color: White-Black
Skin color: Gamboge
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mumbai
Family & friends
Pet: Sri Premchand
Friends: The Malhotra Family(sometimes)


Enemies: Shobha

The Malhotra Family(sometimes)

Talent & personality
Talent: Working,dusting,cleaning
Persionality: lazy, grouchy, unorganized, but occansionally good-hearted
Love Interest: Mrs. Raheja
Dislikes: The Malhotra Kids(occasionally), working
Background infomation
First appearence: Mumbai , New Nanny
Last Appearence: N/A
Portrayed by: Kenny Desai

He is portrayed by Kenny Desai.


Tony is the Malhotra family's lazy butler, who seems to care very little for the kids and calls them "The Monsters Army." Even though he rarely shows it, he does have a soft side for them. He doesn't however, he seem to like Jassie sometimes , though he sometimes gives her advice, not knowing his intentions and mistakens where she is from. Tony often takes time for himself and wishes he could quit his job, but doesn't. He spends his time cleaning, reading magazines on the couch, watching TV in the screening room, and eating bacon-wrapped donuts. The Malotra kids insult him sometimes when he tries to help them. When the father is home he pays extra attention to his job. But not so much when the mom is in home.


Mrs RahejaEdit

Mrs. Raheja is seen flirting in the lobby with Tony. She smacks his bottom and then follows him to the elevator, smiling. Tony agrees to take Mrs. Raheja on a date in order for Jassie and Tia try to get Mrs. Malhotra's tiana from Mrs. Raheja's terrace.