G.I. Jessie is a one hour special episode  and final episode in season two of JESSIE. It first aired on September 13, 2013. It has been rumored that this is the movie. [1][ JESSIE - G.I. Jessie Promo(01:05) 3,056 views]Added by CameronBLover



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Jessie's father invites her to the military base where she grew up and reveals that he is marrying her rival's mother. Meanwhile, Darla's brother Caleb takes a shine to Emma and they try to make their relationship work.


[2]Part of the set can be seen on this photoAdded by YourSourceDisneyNick===Main CastEdit===

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  • The episode title was GI. Jessie, a parody of G.I. Joe.
  • This was the the third Jessie one-hour special event, following Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year and Jessie's Big Break.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Jessie's mom has gift divorced with Jessie's dad.
  • The majority of the episode does not take place in New York.
  • In this episode, Jessie quits, but after Luke, Ravi and Zuri save her and Emma, she comes back to the kids as a nanny.
  • It is the first episode where Jessie's dad and Darla appear, two characters who have been mentioned several times throughout the series.
  • Jessie curses in this episode, though it is censored by a blender.
  • It's the second time Emma mentions One Direction, first time in "Quitting Cold Koala".
  • This episode is the Season 2 finale.
  • The episode was first in the part of Friday Night of Premieres right after Wander Over Yonder's episode "The Greatest / The Egg".


  • Much more water should have come out of the water tower.
  • The kids would have gotten in trouble for breaking a water tower, but they got away with it.
  • When Colonel Shannon throws her bouquet, Emma goes into the group of single women to catch it however she is already in a relationship with Caleb.
  • Colonel Shannon mentions having knowledge of Area 51 which is a supposed Air Force base, not Army.